Bravos Front

The main gate of Bravos

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Bravos is a large town, just west of spawn. It is the capital city of Armus, both ruled by MajorKane.


Bravos consists mostly of grass area, with a small forest in the west. A stone wall is build around the town, with an opening on the South East side, where 2 small lakes are located. North of Bravos is the desert town Rome located, separated by a small river. While south is a large desert biome.

Hot SpotsEdit

Bravos tower 1[1]Edit

Real name still pending. More content coming soon.

Bravos Cathedral

The cathedral of Bravos under construction.

Bravos Cathedral[2]Edit

The Bravos Cathedral is a large cathedral located near the center of the town. It consists of sandstone and has green wool and wooden fences as decorations. In the front are two large tower like structures on each side, with a fountain at the base. The cathedral was build by MajorKane. More content coming soon.

Bravos PlazaEdit

Keywords: Market place; shops; Town.

Bravos di ArteEdit

A large tower specially for art and education. Featuring a library and an art gallery. The tower is being build by Thosha and supported by MajorKane. The tower is still under construction.


  • No griefing
  • No PvP
  • Be respectful of other players and citizens
  • If you are granted a plot and you build there, Kane reserves the right to move what you build if it conflicts with something else. You will be reimbursed if this happens.


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