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Carthage, which acknowledges the leadership of Schlichtinator, is a town that prides itself on it's excellent building style, open layout, and plotless development plan. It features a marketplace at spawn where diamond, wheat, and other supplies can be purchased. The town also has a lighthouse, library and arena, which boasts the architectural prowess of their creator. It is the sworn enemy of Dark Carthage, which is rumored to exist but has never been seen.

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Wilftest's House (left) and The Creeping Colossus (right).

Recently, the popular tourist attraction is a large Creeper called the Creeping Colossus in Carthage, it had an uneasy start but eventually was accepted into the community. The large creeper, built by SSgtMatt, is rumored to be actually alive and on the town's side, protecting it against potential pillagers and invaders, other rumors suggest there is a group of people who use the Colossus's head as a meeting place.