Chest shops are a plugin of Republica. It allows for players to create and use chest shops. This plugin is very useful for economic aspects as it allows for players to earn money.

Setting upEdit

A brief walkthrough of how to use and setup chest shops.

Step 1. Place a sign above or around a chest.

Step 2. First line: Leave this blank, the plugin will automaticly insert your name here.

Step 3. Second line: Enter the amount of items you want to buy/sell per transaction.

Step 4. Third line: Enter the buying price (How much it costs if someone wants to buy your items) followed by a colon (:) and the selling price (How much it is if someone wants to sell to you).

Note: Mixing these two up (Sell price being higher then buy price) might end up in someone buying and reselling your own goods over and over again, making you bankrupt.

Step 5. Fourth line: Enter the item ID or name.

Example of setting upEdit

2011-09-11 21.00.48

An example of a chest shop

(This example is how to sell 16 logs at $50 and buy them at $25)

Line 1 is blank

Instead of Log, the shop owner could have used 16 (Data value list). Block data can also be used, for example: 16:1 would be dark log and 16:2 would be birch log



To buy from a shop, right click the sign. The item will be removed from the chest and placed in your inventory and the money will be removed from your balance.


To sell to a shop, left click the sign. You don't have to have the specific item in your hands. The item will be transferred to the chest and you will be paid your money.