The Control Point arena in the south of Jorvik

Control Point is a stategy based PvP game developed by DT546 , mostly inspired by a similar game concept on youtube (the name was suggested by Jefe323 ) The game involves 2 teams, preferably of multiple players. The members of each team try to take control of the arena by flicking the switch to their respective side, this gains them points.


  • Players cannot destroy the arena
  • This includes the switch
  • No weapons, the game is not about killing your opponents
  • Armour is not prohibited, but it is unecessary

How it worksEdit

The whole points system is based on a clock; a series of repeaters in a loop that cycles around at a constant rate. The clock then sends a pulse to a ring counter; a set of 4 pistons that move around some blocks (the number depends on the points neede to win). Since transparent blocks (glass, stairs, half blocks etc.) do not transmit redstone, the loop has to be made from, for example, glass. The scoring system works on the fact that a, in this case, wool bloack can be moved to transmit current to an output, a sticky piston to denote the team's score. As the ounter recieves pulses from the clock, the team gets another point, this continues until the team has the maximum number of points (a simple circuit breaker can be implemented to stop the clock after the score has reached max.)

To switch between scoreboards, the switch that the teams fight over is linked to a piston that completes the circuit between the clock and the counter for each team.

2011-08-11 23.58.29

Explaining what a clock is and it's use in this game

2011-08-11 23.44.27

Explaining the way the points are given in the game

2011-08-11 23.45.03

Roughly how the counter for the scoring system works