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view of the tower.

Eastwatch is a town built and owned by MajorKane. Eastwatch follows a castle-like design and features a tower, council room, private apartment, shops, library and armory. It also features four skyrooms that were given away for free after Eastwatch was completed.

Eastwatch has a large garden, designed by Desflurane, located beside the main building. A secure vault and railway station that leads back to The Capital exist beneath Eastwatch.

In addition to the main castle and garden, there also exist several other structures within the city walls. These include the Eastwatch Arena, Arena Shop (created by SupahTree), Rosethorn Manor an underground farm and an underground outpost.

Currently, the four skyrooms are occupied by CEOpotamus, SupahTree, alidardeath and porkersthepig.

The current members of the Eastwatch Council are MajorKane, CEOpotamus, SupahTree, Desflurane, Schlichtinator, and alidardeath.