GoosexiLegends speak of a man, a man who can create and destroy worlds as easily as he can piss. This man has gone by many names through the ages; "The Great Destroyer". "Umbongu The Mighty", "The Wolf Man Of The Great Plains" and most commonly "Kyle".

Goosexi is the IGN that this maverik chooses to go by. He was at El Jefe's Right hand when Republica was forged from the Processors of Yore. He was fundamental in the architecture of the old Capital and in Goose's Island on both the present and original map.

Most recently he has completely overhauled the TeamSpeak server with new channels and useful information (the AFK 'Wank Material is highly recomended)

(Note:He is the Murderer of xOptiCPoinTx Jr)

(I was bored -DT546)