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Jorvik, taken from above the port (the texture pack is Good Morning Craft)

Jorvik is a town west of spawn created by WaxCrayon, DT546 and NoIceAge .The town's name comes from the Viking name of the city York, the hometown of the owners of Jorvik. The town follows a free-build structure, much like the old town of Enclave . Plots are free and unlimited in size (within reason).

The main structures on the town include: The first minecart station (built by WaxCrayon), a port and ship (also built by WaxCrayon), a market, a castle (built by NoIceAge), a farm and a mine.

The largest structure built as a part of Jorvik is the colleseum, it is outside the walls to the North-East of the town, it was a joint effort between Ragnas, DT546 , NoIceAge , EddyEpic, xXProdigalXx and CEOpotamus. The arena of the Jorvik Colosseum is a 45 block wide circle split into 4 themed sections, each with their own dangers and possible rewards.