Sky view of the Colosseum, captured by CEOpotomus

The Jorvik Colosseum was constructed by Ragnas , and dt546 . With contributions from NoIceAge , EddyEpic, Jefe323 , xXProdigalXx , and CEOpotamus . It was constructed after the construction of Eastwatch ’s arena. The Colosseum is located north west of Jorvik ’s walls and is depicted as “The giant pizza with a large crust” on the Dynamap. Currently the Jorvik Colosseum is undergoing minor constructions, and is planning on making larger expansions in the future.

The construction of the arena was inspired by the idea of having large team battles in the range of 5v5. Though ment for larger battles the arena can accommodate smaller based team battles and even 1v1s. The arena has 4 different terrains within it, commonly referred to as the different biomes of the arena. The idea of different biomes was brought to the table by NoIceAge and dt546 and was implemented early on during the Colosseum’s construction. The different biomes include the Desert Biome, Forest, Snow, and Nether.

Desert Biome: Is made up of Sand Blocks, Cactus and desert shrubs. The sand is placed within its area to provide cover from arrows and enemy eyes, while the cactus helps prevent mobility in the biome. The Desert was made primarily by dt546.

Forest Biome: is made of dirt blocks, water, streaming water, log blocks, leaf blocks, tall grass, flowers. The biome has the challenge of navigating through it. Though the tree’s do provide cover, and the water dose not harm you when inside it. The idea of adding arrow dispensers and the base of the trees is currently in debate. The biome was made by Ragnas, dt546, and NoIceAge.

Snow Biome: Is made of dirt blocks, Ice, Snow, log blocks, leafblocks, water. Currently this biome proposes no real threat other then the fact that it’s the most open biome of them all. The biome was created by Ragnas, dt546, and NoIceAge.

Nether Biome: Is made of nether rack blocks, mud, brown mushroom, red mushroom, lava. The Nether Biome, is by far the most dangerous biome of them all even killing players while under construction. The pools of lava prevent mobility, and cause great threat when caught inside one. The Nether rack provides a bit of cover.

The Stands of the arena where mainly constructed by Ragnas utilizing ideas given to him by other members. The stands have 3 rows, and each section is color coordinated by which section of biome its near. Also apart of the stands is the VIP box, and the match moderator’s box. The moderators box controls the switches that start the match using redstone circuitry engineered by EddyEpic, with the help of dt546.

The redstone circuitry is still under construction. In the end the plans are to have automatic opening doors that let the fighters leave the queuing area. The doors are to open after a 5 second timer that is displayed in front of the moderators box via redstone torches.