MajorKane is a Co-Owner of Republica. He served as a Moderator for several months before becoming Admin. In early August 2011, MajorKane became Co-Owner after Danger2012lol was moved back to donator rank.

MajorKane was the architect and owner of Storm's End in the second map, the owner of Eastwatch in the third map and the owner of Bravos in the fourth map.

Along with CEOpotamus, MajorKane hosted the 1st Republica Tournament at Eastwatch Arena during the third map.

At the 2nd Republica Tournament, MajorKane won both the Singles and Town Competition brackets with a perfect 6-0 1v1 record.

Fun Fact:Edit

MajorKane is secretly a pimp. Photo evidence!

2011-10-01 22.44.36

Kane with his pimp "kane" ;D