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A town owned and maintained by Earl_Parvisjam. The town got its name from a naturally occurring cross made of dirt and stone that floats near town center.

Notch's Cross prides itself in being a quiet hamlet but with the steady growth of Republica it's had to expand its borders and invite newer residents.

Buildings and Services

There is a nearby a public mine with safe transport from the main town building. It is based off of a naturally occurring series of caves.

The Bunkhouse is the primary structure in Notch's Cross. It contains the starting point for the railway to the mines as well as small scale residences. A rather drab rectangular structure, the Bunkhouse is the most likely candidate for reconstruction in town.

Greater Goods is Earl_Parvisjam's shop. It overlooks a pond and provides an attached dock. The goods for sale are primarily foodstuffs and low cost items for travellers through the area. The building has a loft that Earl uses as his functional home.

The Mushroom House is just what it is called. It is a dark room structure designed for the growing and housing of the town's mushrooms. People are welcome to pick available mushrooms as long as they leave the ones on the dirt alone.

A small stand of sugarcane is just outside of town. It is freely available for cultivation, with the limitation that the base level be left alone to allow for growback.

Similarly, the Notch's Cross Garden is available for harvest by anybody provided they replant after harvesting. This allows for a steady supply of foodstuffs for the township.