RGC2, short for Republica Gladiator Competition 2, was the second combat competition. The competition was held on 29th of October at 10 AM PST/-8 GMT. Registration Required.



Birdsview of the Arena

The fight was held at the arena near Aztec. The arena was mostly build be Mekaj.

It is a large circular stadium with several sand/sandstone ob-structures in the middle; which can be used as cover. There are plenty of seats for the public and a special tribune for the server staff.


  • For Singles: the winner will recieve $15,000 and a diamond tool of their choice
  • For Doubles: the team will win $20,000 (10k each) and each will get a diamond tool of their choice
  • For Towns: the winning town will receive $25,000 for their Town Bank and the winner will also receive $5,000 and a diamond tool of their choice


General RulesEdit

  • Each gladiator will receive the same equipment: 1 full set of iron armor, an iron sword, 1 bow, 64 arrows (no outside equipment is allowed)
  • Single elimination rounds (you die once and you are out)
  • Matches are picked at random by me, jefe323

Match Specific RulesEdit


  • If you are not present when your match is called you will automatically forfeit the round. No exceptions


  • One player will receive the sword while the other player will receive the bow and arrows
  • If your teammate is not present when your match is called, you may substitute them with anyone who is not already registered as a Doubles competitor. Your substitute will start at a disadvantage though, they will not receiving an iron breastplate


  • One player may be picked from your town to be your town's gladiator
  • If your town's gladiator is not present, the mayor may substitute them with another player from your town. Like with doubles, this substitute fighter will start at a disadvantage, missing an iron breastplate.



  • NoIceAge vs Razorback1786 - Winner: Razorback1786 (No opponent)
  • Chew_On_Diss vs sicknote45 - Winner: sicknote45 (No opponent)
  • mekaj vs xXProdigalXx - No Winner (Both missing)
  • dt546 vs 123dfed - No Winner (Both missing)
  • MajorKane vs CEOpotamus - Winner: Majorkane
  • Ve_aR vs Thosha - Winner: Thosha (No opponent)
  • Tigeriz vs baz550 - Winner: Tigeriz
  • TheResistance vs dforsyth1993 - Winner: dforsyth1993 (No opponent)
  • Aekely vs Alec112 - Winner: Alec112 (No opponent)
  • SupahTree - Winner: SupahTree (Auto-Pass)
  • sicknote45 vs Thosha - Winner: Thosha
  • SupahTree vs Tigeriz - Winner: Tigeriz
  • Razorback1786 vs Alec112 - Winner: Razorback1786
  • MajorKane vs dforsyth1993 - Winner: MajorKane
  • Tigeriz vs MajorKane - Winner: MajorKane
  • Thosha vs Razorback1786 - Winner: Razorback1786
  • MajorKane vs Razorback1786 - Winner: MajorKane


  • M&S Meat Marketeers - mekaj & SupahTree VS Team Bitchslap - dforsynth1993 & MajorKane
    • MajorKane was slain by SupahTree
    • SupahTree was slain by dforsynth1993
    • dforsynth1993 was shot by mekaj
  • Winners: M&S Meat Marketeers - Mekaj & SupahTree
  • Striped BigMacs - tigeriz & Drooplet2454 VS Spitefire - Razorback1786 & sicknote45
    • sicknote45 was slain by tigeriz
    • Razorback1786 was slain by tigeriz
  • Winner: Striped BigMacs - tigeriz & Drooplet2454
  • M&S Meat Marketeers - mekaj & SupahTree VS Striped BigMacs - tigeriz & Drooplet2454
    • Drooplet2454 was slain by SupahTree
    • SupahTree was slain by tigeriz
    • tigeriz was slain by mekaj
  • Winner: M&S Meat Marketeers - mekaj & SupahTree


Logs coming soon Winner: Bravos - MajorKane