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Welcome to the Republica WikiEdit

Republica is a minecraft server founded by Jefe323 in February of 2011. Republica consists of the main world and Nether as well as a Skylands world. The old Republica map can be downloaded here . The official server forums and chat can be found here


Republica is a SMP server with Iconomy, Bukkit, Rank System, Shops, PVP, and so much more. Republica is active 24/7 and is run by a dedicated staff of owners, admins, and moderators.

TeamSpeak 3 ServerEdit

Members of Republica often frequent the teamspeak server. It's a great way to find an Admin or Moderator that is currently not in game. Or it's also just a great place to hang out and chat with your fellow Republica members.

Server Address:

Official TownsEdit

There are currently several official towns on the server. A town has at least 3 residents (including the town owner), a wall surrounding it and a rule board. Towns are a great way to meet new people and be a part of a smaller community.

Nations & Towns
Armusian Nation Bravos, Atlantis, Eboracum, Kashyyyk, Oregonia, Verine
Italian Nation Rome, Acropolis, Aztec, Jericho, Galapagos, Mandalore, Mexico, Palus, Sparta
EG Nation Nicea
Egyptian Nation UpperEgypt, Mecca
Nation-less Andropolis, Macharius, The Spawn
Fallen Towns To be updated

Some cities and towns that existed on older Republica maps include Port Haven, The Bunker, Storm's End, Enclave, The Capital, Eastwatch, Jorvik, Carthage, Notch's Cross, Winter's Peak, SheepsTown, Ethador and Ultraville.

Latest activityEdit

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