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An island town founded by Sir_Sheep. The town currently features the server's longest railway with a total travel time of approximately [insert time]. SheepsTown also features a public mine, town dock, market place, and two natural lava lakes. SheepsTown also has a navy.

SheepsTown NavyEdit

After a long conflict with xXProdigalXx and BlazenAngel, Sir_Sheep created the SheepsTown Navy to Combat xXProdigalXx's island. The island is directly across from SheepsTown. It is currently in work to become a resort. Confrontation began after killing BlazenAngel's wolf pack, most notably Puck. After peace was made with BlazenAngel xXProdigalXx attacked Sir_Sheep with a Diamond Sword. Sir_Sheep teleported back and killed xXProdigalXx after he missed the talk button trying to warp away. The Diamond Sword was tossed into one of the two natural lava lakes. xXProdigalXx continued confrotation and the battle stills rages today.