The Spawn at night

The Spawn is the area where new players appear (spawn), when they first join the server. This is also the standard re-spawn point when a player dies. One can also return to this point by typing the command: /spawn

  • Span inspired and partially built by Hellstick


  • A massive head of the Hamburglar, Jefe323's in-game skin.
  • A large R, of Republica. Resembles the logo of Team Rocket
  • A large shopping district on the side, with many player shops and an admin shop.


Nations & Towns
Armusian Nation Bravos, Atlantis, Eboracum, Kashyyyk, Oregonia, Verine
Italian Nation Rome, Acropolis, Aztec, Jericho, Galapagos, Mandalore, Mexico, Palus, Sparta
EG Nation Nicea
Egyptian Nation UpperEgypt, Mecca
Nation-less Andropolis, Macharius, The Spawn
Fallen Towns To be updated