War World was added to the server August 15th 2011. This world was made specifically for PvP, terrain destruction, theft and destruction of property during certain time frames. Each "round" lasts 7 days, the first 5 days (Monday-Friday) is used the "build-up" period where teams gather resources, arm themselves and build defenses. If you die during this period, there is no penalty. The final 2 days (Sat-Sun) begin the "war" period where players/teams try to kill and destroy everything in sight. Last man/team standing wins that round and gets the prize. If a player dies during the war period, they are done for that round and may not re-enter the war world. If at the end of the war period there are multiple teams left, a winner will be chosen based by Jefe323 and MajorKane based on a series of statistics from that round.


- Teams must consist of at least 5 players (there is no upper limit however)
- Teams must register by replying to this topic with the following information:
+ Team Name
+ Team Members (all must be listed)
- During the build-up period, the rules are the same as the server rules
- No commands are allowed while in the world
- During the war period, there are no (basically) rules
- If during the war period your team does not log in to the war world, you will be disqualified from the round


To get to and from the world use the following commands:

- To get there, use the following command: /mvtp War
- To get back, use the following command: /mvtp R


Round one - Team Kickass

Round two - In Progress