WaxCrayon joined Republica in late Febuary, this makes him one of the longest standing members of the server.

His main contributions to the server have been towns, built with Dt546 and Noiceage. He has co-founded 3 towns, Farmadale, The Bunker and Jorvik. Each town is on the three maps of Republica respectively and have (by most people's judgement) got much better each time the map is cleared.

WaxCrayon is also known for his tendancy to start flame wars with other members of the server. This started with Aleccj1, a former member of the server and an ex-owner of a failed town far north of the town. This started when WaxCrayon tamed his first ever wolf, Aleccj1 proceeded to murder this wolf in cold blood, starting a chain of revenge between both parties. WaxCrayon, along with other members of The Bunker performed a genocide in Aleccj1's town, burning around 30 wolves. After about a week of retaliations from both parties, Aleccj1 was eventually banned for griefing, along with the other members of his town. One notable event in this week was the introductionof Bounties, after a small disscusion between DT546 and Aleccj1, DT546 managed to recieve the $10'000 bounty for killing WaxCrayon, the reward was split between DT and Wax, Aleccj1 proceeded to rage.

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Patience is not a virtue, it's the constraint on human development"- WaxCrayon 2011

"Dan, stop being so angry, you have to learn to be patient"-WaxCrayon 2011 Shortly after the previous quotation