This mountaintop town was created by SupahTree. It was built during his time as "Seasoned" on the server.
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Winter's Peak spawn

Winter's Peak was created to appeal to those who enjoy the economic aspects of the server as well as settlements with an urban feel. The town has experienced significant growth with the first mountain almost entirely settled. SupahTree built Winter's Peak due to a lack of snow based towns. The town currently is encompasses three different mountains. Upon being established plots have gone from free to $20 to $500 with more elite plots being $1000. SupahTree is constantly trying to find ways to keep citizens of his town involved in town and on the server, such as sponsoring treasure hunts or or the Player vs mob "THREE DAYS OF NIGHT!" event.


Winter's Peak houses within it's walls a shopping center, where all citizens may create shops. The center has a department store layout with each floor specializing in it's own category for easier browsing of items. There is also a public mine that is easily accessed by using the patented "quick exit" behind the government building. There is a second public mine located on the Trade Mountain in one of the corners of the area, there is also a quick exit there. There is also an undercity below the first mountain which houses many hostile mobs if players desire a fight.

Fun Fact:Edit

Because he did not have moderator powers at the time of its construction Winter's Peak base was built around a mountain. Because of this there is an "undercity" where there is a high hostile mob spawn rate. Due to the high public opinion of the undercity SupahTree decided to carry on the tradition on the newly settled mountain neighboring Winter's Peak where a sewer maze is currently under construction.

Shopping Center:Edit

Winter's Peak Marketplace Inventory
Lower Level Mid Level Top Level

Cobblestone: 16 for $20

Sandstone: 16 for $60

Bone: 16 for $20

Sand: 16 for $40

Gravel: 16 for $10

Leaves: 16 for $10

Dirt: 16 for $10

Log: 16 for $10

Glass: 32 for $50

Iron Pick: 1 for $100


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Unofficial: henryryckeley, Sir_Sheep, ddyyll, ogix123